Shuwaikh Industrial Zone - Street 30 –(Police Station Street)
Pro-Tec car protection and detailing center specialized in full car care services through providing excellent customers’ services like, Professional car paint protection film installation to protect car from sands, scratch, stones and oxidation. Installation is done by specialized professional technicians. All our films are made in U.S.A (3M-XPEL-MANASHIELD) with 10 years of warranty, Window tinting films with great ability of heat rejection to improve car inside air conditioning, using U.S.A films (Black Box) that has an ability of heat rejection up to 80%, Windshield safety films to protect car window from road tones and breakage using high quality U.S.A films, Nano technology for paint protection using U.S.A product (Xzilion) which was originally designed to protect Boeing aircrafts external paint.
And we provide also to our customers , Professional car interior & exterior detailing via using state of the art detailing products (Mafra brand)
Provide (Plasti Dip) dye rubber car service to create rubber layer on the outer structure of the car which has the ability to be removed without affecting the basic dye car.
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09:00 AM – 10:00 PM