Kuwait Towers
Kuwait Towers is one of Kuwait’s most famous landmarks. It is located on the Arabian Gulf Road in Sharq district. It was built in March 1979 and comprises of two major towers and a minor tower and an area of 38,000 m². There are three towers: 1. Main Tower: The ‛Horizon Restaurant’ (Ofok Hall) which serves lunch and dinner buffets with a daily new menu. The hospitality levels at ‛Horizon Restaurant’ reach the standards of sky-high hospitality. The main tower also contains ‛Le Café’ coffee shop that serves light snacks, a variety of pastries and all kinds of refreshing beverages. ‛Dasman ’ballroom is an all-time favorite for special parties, events and business occasions. Plus, it serves as an outside catering service to meet the needs of elite weddings and other executive functions. The viewing sphere is situated 123 meters above sea level. It rotates to give its visitor a full view of Kuwait while enjoying themselves with or without a telescope and a cafeteria for light snacks, pastries and refreshing drinks. It rotates 360 degrees every half an hour. 2. The Middle Tower: This is used as a water reservoir (water tank). 3. The Minor Tower: This is used to supply electricity for some areas in Kuwait City and the two major towers. - Reception No.: +965 24965500 - Horizon Restaurant No.: +965 24965514 - Phone Number: +965 22444119
The Liberation Tower
It is the symbol of Kuwaiti liberation, the representation of country’s resurgence, second tallest tower in Kuwait, and the fifth tallest telecommunication tower in the world. Officially unveiled by the late Kuwaiti Amir, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on 10th March 1996, this 372meter tall tower is 40 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower. The tower is so-named following the multinational coalition that led to liberation of the nation from seven months of Iraqi occupation during the Gulf war. The structure is made using ceramic tiles on the façade from base to first mezzanine level. Three natural light shades render a geometric design from the base. The tower, including the telecommunications complex, is divided into three working areas – a public communications center; revolving observatory level, and a restaurant at 150 meters; and the adjacent plant and equipment structure. There are a total of 18 elevators, and are amongst the fastest in the world. As for the revolving mezzanine, there are six office floors spanning 12000 sqm above the revolving observatory level, that rise up and out within a section covered in anodized aluminum, so as to withstand the extreme temperatures. The tower includes a revolving restaurant and an observation platform, apart from radio and telecommunications offices. Given the historical and monumental significance of this tower, visitors usually do not miss the opportunity to visit this destination during their travel to Kuwait.
Al Kout beach
Kuwait boasts a spectacular setting on the Persian Gulf, with some of the Middle East's most magnificent coastline stretching for about 499 kms. Kuwait beaches offer a great place to relax by scenic waters with a large number of Beach clubs, public beaches and beach parks. The scenic beauty Kuwait coastline delivers is simply ethereal and the tourists take a good time spending in the beaches by wandering along or enjoying the cool breeze of the sea, participating in the sports and sun bathing. For those who want to enjoy the winter season in the place of sand and sea then Kuwait is the ideal place for them. Al Kout Beach is one of Kuwait’s best beaches. This serene stretch of sand is among the Kuwait’s biggest, beckoning azure waters and offering white sands. Al Kout Beach is particularly popular with families, and children and adults flock to its nearby swimming pools in the weekends. For vacationers travelling with friends, Al Kout Beach will be more engaging. Visitors can enjoy an al fresco meal during the sun sets over the Arabian Gulf as this beach also offers barbeque facilities. There is a dancing fountain which is so relaxing and calm. Visitors can enjoy having lunch or dinner or have cup of coffee with nice music beside the dancing fountain. A lot of People go there mainly for the seating next to the Fountain, as it makes them feel refreshed. How to go? - It is located in district of Fahheel (Ahmadi governorate), a good 35 to 40 minutes to the south of Kuwait City. Things to Remember • Visitors should respect the local traditions and wear decent outfits. • Wearing a bikini on public beaches is not acceptable in Kuwaiti community. • Al kout beach is a bit crowdie. The local people gather here to enjoy the swimming every day. • This beach is facilitated with large play areas and many furnished cafes. It is better to avoid the weekend visit to the beach. • Combine visiting the beach with a trip to the Al Kout mall and take your coffee to a quieter bench
The Kuwait National Museum
Museums are one of the best places that represent and preserve a country’s heritage and history. Through its galleries and exhibitions, it gives people a chance to be connected with their country’s past. One of these museums is Kuwait National Museum on the Arabian Gulf Street next to the Seif Palace and Kuwait’s National Assembly. The Kuwait National Museum is divided into: 1. The Kuwait Heritage Museum: Kuwait heritage Museum is one of Kuwait National Museum galleries. This part of the museum highlights the importance of Kuwait history from the very first days of its founding. Through this exhibition, the visitor can see how old Kuwaitis survived the very harsh condition of Kuwait environment. Taking a journey through this exhibition is similar to taking a journey through Kuwait’s history. - Location: Kuwait City next to National Assembly - Entrance Fee: Free 2. Planetarium: The Kuwait National Planetarium in Kuwait City is a vast place with 15 meter of a horizontal dome. After its establishment during the 1980s, it was the first of its kind in the gulf region. The dome was fully equipped with the material and technology needed. It was restored and opened to public after the Iraqi invasion. In 2007 the dome passed through another major upgrade with full dome capabilities along with Uniview™ to enable state of the art interactive storytelling in a 3D environment. - Location: Kuwait National Museum - Contact number: 22451195/22456534 - Entrance: Free - Timings: open upto 7 in the evening - Show timings: Mornings: 1st Show: 10:00 AM / 2nd Show: 11:00 AM / 3rd Show: 12:00 PM Evenings: 1st Show: 05:00 PM / 2nd Show: 05:45 PM / 3rd Show: 06:00 PM - Note: Friday & Saturday no morning shows 3. Archaeological Museum: The Kuwait Archaeological Museum is another important component of the Kuwait National Museum. This exhibition displays artifacts found on archeological sites such as Failika island. This part of the museum opens the door into exploring the deep root of Kuwait since its prehistoric time. Different fossils and artifacts are from different historical areas such as the Hellenistic. All these artifacts are among Kuwait national heritage that all people in Kuwait have to be proud of. - Entrance: Free - Location: Kuwait National museum - Photography: Allowed 4. Boom Al Mouhallab: Boom Al Muhallab is one of the major dhows that sailed during the history of Kuwait. It has an important place in Kuwaitis memory. It stands at the middle of the museum as a witness of all generations. it landed the heart of the museum as a gift to the state after it set sail on its final trip in 1949. - Entrance: Free - Photography: Allowed - Entrance: Free - Photography: Allowed - Note: You can only view the Dhow from out... inside is not open yet... National Museum Visiting hours: - Saturday to Thursday: 08:30 AM – 12:30 AM then 04:30- 08:30 PM - Friday: 04:30 PM – 08:30 PM Museum website: http://kuwaitnationalmuseum.weebly.com/index.html Museum phone numbers: +965 22451195 / 22456534 Location: Arabian Gulf Street
Al Hamra Tower
At a height of 414 meters, in the heart of Kuwait City, Al Hamra Tower breaks all records, at this height, Al Hamra enjoys the recognition of being amongst the ten highest skyscrapers in the world, and it’s innovative design places Kuwait on the map as a center for business and creativity. The vision is to create a center of excellence, integrating every available resource with state-of-the-art technology, creativity and originality! No efforts will be spared to turn the vision into reality. Al Hamra is the new landmark with its iconic tower heralding a new era of development and prosperity in Kuwait. Like an enshrouded figure with its delicate glass veil, the apex of the Tower with carved flared walls depicts a continuation of the sculptural form infinitely upwards. The results reveal a rich, monolithic stone at the south wall framed by graceful, twisting ribbons of torque walls, which define the iconic form of the Tower. One of the tallest towers in the world, and indeed, by far the tallest sculpted tower, Al Hamra is in a class of its own, visible from miles around, and for those in the tower itself, providing spectacular views over much of Kuwait and across the Arabian Gulf. The solid South Wall is designed in a way to decrease the solar radiation. Openings are based on the relationship of the envelope and its position in relation to the sun. the geometry of the interior wall is generated and responds to the need to minimize solar heat gain. This wall not only protects the building from critical environmental conditions, but also takes on the role of the structural spine of the building. Location: In the heart of the city, Al Hamra is the gate of Kuwait’s business hub. For More info: Business Tower: (+965) 222 70 222 Luxury Center: (+965) 222 70 200 Tel : (+965) 182 9000
Educational Science Museum
Educational Science Museum located in Safat, Kuwait City, Kuwait, located on Abdullah Al-Mobarak Street. The museum was opened in 1972. It explores the country's technological and scientific progress and it contains artifacts and demonstrations of the Petroleum industry in Kuwait. It is a member of the International Council of Museums. The museum is organized in the following departments: Natural history department, space science department, planetarium, electronics department, machinery department, zoology department, aviation department and a health hall.
Mubarakia Souk
Mubarakia Souk , It is one of the oldest souks in Kuwait, and was the center of trade prior to the discovery of oil. This popular traditional market is located in Kuwait City, between Abdullah Al-Mubarak, Abdullah Al-Salem & Palestine Streets.This market has been around for at least 200 years. The market was damaged during the Iraqi invasion in 1990, however it was renovated and it got back its traditional flavor. You can spend hours in this market strolling around and discovering reasonable bargains on heritage goods such as Persian silk carpets, real Arab antiques, perfumes like musk and oud, and traditional costumes. This place is perfect whether you want to shop, eat, or for sightseeing. Al-Mubarakiya features a variety of shops such as dates, honey, spices, sweets, vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish. In addition to a range of shops accessories, gold and silver jewelries. The market also hosts two mini museums: Sheikh Mubarak Kiosk and the first Islamic pharmacy in Kuwait, and admission is free. There is a courtyard near Al-Bahar or Sea Mosque, where you can find traditional cafes brewing their teas over coals, and several small restaurants are lined-up where they serve authentic Arabic, Indian, Persian food to the customers in the open air. The prices are the cheapest in Kuwait. On hot summer days, water mist is sprayed from pipes over the tables to give you a cooling feeling. A children playground is nearby and shisha is also available.
Kuwait Zoo
The Kuwait Zoo is a major attraction for both, the locals and tourists alike. The zoo is a very entertaining place and it is often visited by families. Kuwait Zoo is one of those places that will keep the visitors spell-bounded every time they see the animals and it’s a whole lot bigger and better experience. Located in Omariya, this sprawling animal kingdom covers an area of around 1, 80,000 sq meters. In 1990, the premises of this park were extensively damaged and animals were killed during the Iraqi invasion. Animals were also used for target practice and reports of injured animals, hobbling and bleeding, being left to slowly die of their injuries or starvation made news around the world. After the invaders were repelled, Kuwait’s Zoo was rebuilt, restoration was done and many more new animals were brought in and the zoo was opened in February 1993. The total area of the zoo is around 180,000 m2 in area. It is divided into four major sections: • Animal Section • Cultural Center and Life Sciences Division • Services and Maintenance section • Veterinary clinic. • Time: • Winter: 08:00 AM to 8:00 PM Summer: 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM and again from 04:00 PM to 08:00 PM - Phone Number: +965 24733389
The Scientific Center
The Scientific Center was presented to the citizens and visitors of Kuwait by Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah (God rest his soul). He was inspired to build the center while overseeing the board meetings for The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science in 1992. The foundation aimed to create a hub where Kuwait could demonstrate its advancement and place in modern society, in addition to confirming its leadership role in the protection of the environment in the Arabian Peninsula. It is divided to: 1. Aquarium/ 2. Discovery place/ 3. IMAX/ 4.Dhow Harbor. The Scientific Center Management Company K.S.C.C. P.O.Box 3504 Salmiya, 22036 Kuwait Tel: +965 - 1848888 Fax: +965 - 25710298 E-mail: info@tsck.org.kw Website: www.tsck.org.kw
Al-Sha'ab Leisure Park
Located along the southern coast of Kuwait City, the Al-Sha’ab Leisure Park is equipped with several amusements meant for all age groups. Drawing more than 80,000 visitors annually, it is the first in Kuwait leisure sector to obtain an ISO-9002 certification. Unveiled in September 1996, the park is easily accessible from all parts of Kuwait, and is among the best family entertainment destination in Kuwait. Spreading across 140,000 square meters of area, it offers more than 45 major attractions, including rides/attractions, indoor sports, outdoor games, roller skating rink, ice skating rink, video games, shops, coffee shops, cinema, multipurpose hall, and well landscaped gardens. Families can also look forward to enjoying delicious meals at the park’s restaurants, after all the activities in the park. The park offers the best local and international restaurants like McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Naif, Shrimpy and more. All the facilities here are maintained as per international standards. - Tel: 25613777 / 1885000
The Sadu House
The sadu house was set up in 1978 by several Kuwaitis headed by Sheikha Altaf Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah, who were concerned to care for the interest of Bedouins and their ethnic handicrafts. She lobbied so firmly and succeeded in getting the permission to use Al Marzouk-Behbehani house for the Al Sadu Project. In 1991, after the gulf war it turned into the Co-operative Society called as the Al Sadu Weaving society to preserve and document aspects of the traditional arts and crafts of Kuwait. There are different rooms dedicated to different purposes and the most surprising would be the courtyard where lectures, seminars and presentations are held. The significance of Al Sadu weaving as an ornamental craft is not only to its significance as material culture but also due to its functionality, which served the daily needs of the customary Bedouin nomadic lifestyle. Al Sadu fabrics can be associated and feature in many different aspects of Bedouin social life and are testimony to the weavers practical accomplishment, their aesthetic values and manual dexterity. The Al-Sadu Society was created with an intention of retaining these Bedouin crafts from total extinction and now it has registered over 300 Bedouin women, producing about 70 items each week. The Sadu House is one of the major tourist attractions in Kuwait City, with several chambers, decorated with construction materials and pottery, depicting the old houses, mosques, bread and water storage places etc., in Kuwait. Al Baraha, a roofed playground meant for children is available inside the sadu house. The Abu Adhan Café, decorated with wooden benches and Bedouin sadu patterns is a good place for relaxation. The Sadu House is located on the Arabian Gulf Road, Qibla. *Tel: +965 2243 2395 *Timing: Saturday to Wednesday: 08:00 AM – 12:00 PM / 04:00 PM – 08:00 PM. *Tickets: 2.000 KD per person.
Marina Mall
Marina Mall, opened in November 2002 to international acclaim, and is considered as one of the Middle East’s most elegant urban shopping centers, hosting a collection of designer brand names and then the biggest Virgin Megastore in the Middle East. Other outlets include The One furniture emporium and Gamewizz arcade, as well as many fine dining, casual and everyday restaurants. Marina Mall is a place that caters to every person in the family, making every visit an exciting and memorable one. Its multipurpose role and facility insures fun and entertainment in several different settings, locations and atmospheres. Located in the Heart of Salmiyah, Kuwait’s top retail commercial area, Marina Mall is always a top of mind destination to any person seeking quality time with friends and family. The Marina Crescent – A three kilometer touristic coast lane panoramically laced with several international cafes and restaurants like The Chocolate Bar, Starbucks Coffee, Costa Café, TGI Fridays, Totally Fish, Johnny Rockets, Hard Rock Café and many others. The Marina Yacht Club – An exclusive Yacht club mooring over 140 boats in the heart of the Marina World. The Marina Hotel – A full-fledged 5 star hotel with 91 luxury rooms, 7 elegant suits, a superb restaurant, several meeting rooms, business centre, beauty salons, a high-tech health club, squash and tennis courts, swimming pools and sandy beaches. Marina Skate Park – Opened in 2006 to host international and local skating competitions. This park was designed by the renowned G.Ramy of Germany and run by the Extreme Sports Company. The Marina FM 88.8 – Launched on 6th April, 2005, Marina FM has now become one of the most tuned to radio station in the country. It broadcasts innovative concepts and ideas based on vivid music and entertainment as well as live shows. In addition to all these outlets and facilities, Marina World provides extra services: Open air spaces overlooking Marina beach; multi-functional ballroom, sandy beaches, playgrounds and long lanes for jogging and outdoor entertainment.
Failaka Island
Failaka Island is one among the most visited tourist destinations in Kuwait. Located along the northern part of Arabian Gulf, and located 20kms away from Kuwait City, and situated opposite to the Failaka Bay, the area covers 24 square kilometers of area, and is one of the most important islands in Kuwait. Failaka Island is among the major tourist attractions in Kuwait, and is linked to Kuwait City through submarine pipeline that supplies water to inhabitants of Failaka. Failaka is a magnificent island that easily blends ancient history of Kuwait with gleaming modernity. Failaka Island was home to more than 2000 residents prior to Iraqi invasion. But, after the invasion, several residents left the place. Several mines in Failaka are now being used by the military. The island also has interesting specimens from the Bronze Age and Dilmun Civilizations. The Greeks are said to have lived in this island and set up localities. The archeological remains of the past, in the form of coins, temples and seals are still found here, which could be a treasure trove for history buffs. The spring season is the best time to visit the Island it is said, due to the gentle breeze, budding flowers, vibrant flora, changing temperature and pleasant weather conditions. Failaka Island has been much developed as a tourist spot, as it offers fishing, boating, sailing, swimming and water sports.
Hilton Hotel and Resort
Set on five private beaches, Hilton Kuwait Resort offers stunning sea views and is close to many local attractions. Travel to and from Kuwait International Airport and Kuwait City on the complimentary hotel shuttle service. The hotel boasts many restaurants and a café'. Enjoy the International buffet at Teatro restaurant and the weekly theme night offers. Experience unique dining in a private tent, and savoir authentic Arabic cuisine with a mocktail and shisha at the Palm Court. Indulge in a tempting selection of French pastries and freshly brewed coffee at SongBird café. For a great leisure experience, treat your senses and relax at The Spa, featuring an aquamedic pool, sauna, steam room, ice room and tropical showers with a range of exotic treatments, or enjoy the resort's recreational facilities. Hold a seminar in the 10 well-equipped meeting rooms offering free WiFi. The Al Dorra Ballroom is perfect for weddings, exhibitions and other ceremonies. Beach 5 is a unique place to plan a free day in an air conditioned tent on the private beach. Consult with planners who are available to help with the details, from stage and seating setup to themed menus for events. From long-term corporate and family accommodation to unforgettable weekend celebrations, resort services and facilities are designed with guests in mind. Browse the extensive selection of stylish and comfortable rooms, villas and chalets, and plan a memorable stay on the beaches of Kuwait. Phone:2225 6222
Youm Al-Bahar (The Sailor’s Day Heritage Village)
Youm Al-Bahar (The Sailor’s Day Heritage Village) is located in Kuwait City along the Gulf Road. It is supposed to be a traditional sea-side fereej or neighborhood reflecting traditional Kuwait. This village reflects the life in old Kuwait with its traditional restaurants, cafes and shops. Nautical Kuwaiti heritage is shown there through the old boats that Kuwaiti ancestors used. There is also a fair that shows seashells. This village also has a play area to entertain children.
Sabah Al- Ahmad Natural Reserve
Resource stewardship & Protection The main mission of the reserve is to restore the park back to a healthy place to be because the oil destroyed everything. This reserve is a sanctuary for many endangered flora and faunas. Some of the different endangered wildlife are deer, lizards, eagles, and falcons. Access & Enjoyment It is pretty easy to get to this natural reserve, if you get on Saad Al Abdulla Al Sabah Rd which runs right through Sabah Al- Ahmad. When you arrive there might seem like there is not a lot to do but the sight is beautiful and there is a crazy amount of wildlife. Education & Interpretation Back in 1990- 1991 during the Desert Storm War, right before the Iraqis retreated back to Iraq from Kuwait. They bombed one of their oil fields which today is known as Sabah Al- Ahmad Natural Reserve. Fire and oil don't mix well together so it destroyed almost all their wells and land, but today the land is blooming back to life. Science & Research The oil was becoming harmful to the environment so they needed to find ways to clean it up. They tried different substances to clean up the mess which did the trick. The reserve has blooming yellow, purple, and green plants across the reserve. It is great that they are reserving this area because it has became a sanctuary for multiple wildlife.
The Avenues Mall
The Avenues Mall is the largest shopping mall in Kuwait. The mall is located in the Rai area extending from Fifth Ring Road from the south and Al Ghazali Highway from the east. It was first opened in April 2007, under the patronage of the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah. It is named the winner of the ICSC Gold Award for “Best Shopping Center 2013” under the Expansion and Design Category in the Middle East & North Africa. It features more than 800 stores and parking space that fits more than 1000 cars. Its exteriors surrounded by fountains for each side. The mall is divided to: 1.1st Avenue: The Avenues concept was inspired by the natural forms of the dessert and dune, rock formation, and sky. 2.2nd Avenue: Glass Roof made to allow the sun to light up the internal area which gives the feel of outdoor space 3.Grand Avenue: Architecture of the retail facades are in three styles- European, local and contemporary- and the boulevard is covered with a transparent roof structure reinforcing and enhancing the outdoor atmosphere. 4.The Mall: This is a two-floored extension, holding a variety of brands. 5.Prestige: The house of many high end renowned international brands, which houses Chanel Boutique, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi. A luxurious district of The Mall for visitors who seeks elegance. The district is home to 48 brands, including 12 that are the largest brand branches in the Middle East. 6.SoKu: Derived from South of Kuwait and inspired by New York infamous Soho, a district aimed at the hip & trendy youth visitors an acronym or South of Kuwait — is located on two streets and two floors. It is considered a model place for modern shopping and carries leading youth brands. It brings together modern fashion, sportswear, electronics, and art exhibition, as well as famous international and local restaurants and cafes.
Bayan Palace
Bayan Palace is justifiably regarded as one of Kuwait's finest architectural masterpieces and covers 1,399,500 square meters. It was officially opened in 1986 for the Fifth Conference of the Arab League and is the main location for international conferences in Kuwait. It's unique architectural style fuses modern design with more traditional art forms – Islamic arabesque adorns the building and the fountains that are at all the palace entrances conjure up images of the Al Hambra in Grenada, Spain. Bayan Palace comprises a conference building, the Amiri tent, six complexes - each consisting of three buildings - the security command building, and extensive car parking facilities. In addition, there is a services building which provides Bayan Palace with its own electricity, water, security and communication. A 2.6 km long tunnel connects the services building with the palace. The Conference building consists of three meeting rooms and a multi-purpose, state-of-the-art theatre which can be transformed into a 1000-seater conference hall. There is also a ceremony room, a reception room, press room, a library, His Highness the Amir's suite and a number of offices. The Amiri tent is of central importance to the Palace. It was established by the late Amir, Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah, in 1991 following Kuwait's liberation. The tent covers 3,500 square meters and contains a 500 person ceremony room, a 250 seater conference room and three large reception rooms. The Amiri tent is fully equipped with a/c, central heating, hot and cold running water, fire sprinklers and an emergency generator. Within the grounds of Bayan Palace, there is a helicopter landing pad and a gold-domed mosque for 1200 worshippers. Recently, the " Liberation" building was constructed for large ceremonies and international conferences.
Kubbar Island
Among nature's best spectacles is the well-known Kubbar Island, relatively Small Sandy Island in the Persian Gulf located in close proximity to Fahaleel. Kubbar is located approximately 29 kilometres off the coast of Failaka and 30 kilometers off the southern coast of Kuwait. The Kubbar Island is a serene getaway that gives the nation of Kuwait its pride in picturesque locations. The island is nothing short of spectacular and is unspoiled in every way. The sparkling blue waters and grainy crystal sands make the beaches on the island so enticing for the tourists. Even though the island's infrastructure remains yet to be developed, the Kubbar Island local tourist industry is beginning to flourish; it provides boating, sailing, swimming and water sports.
House of Mirrors
Many people even those who reside in Kuwait are not completely aware of ‘The House of Mirrors’ or hall of mirrors. However, this is really an incredible wealth of art so accessible to the public at large and it is worth the visit. This house of mirrors belongs to Khalifa and Lidia Al-Qattan and it’s now considered as a museum as the wife of the renowned Kuwaiti artist has turned their house into a work of art using broken pieces of glass to decorate the outside and inside of the house. Located in Qadsiya, the house is still a private property so appointments have to be made prior for weekday visits. Approximately 100 tonnes of white cement and 75 tons of mirror have been used in the making of the mirror mosaics that spangle the outside and inside of this residential house. History The House of Mirrors belongs to Italian born Lidia al-Qattan, sculptor, jeweler and a painter, who is married to Khalifa al-Qattan, a renowned Kuwaiti artist. Their little daughter, Jalila, had broken a mirror and the superstitious belief is that not to keep broken mirrors at home as it supposed to bring misfortune to the family. But for Lidia these broken glasses inspired her to do something artistic and from the shreds, she made a glass art which was appreciated by Mr. Khalifa after returning from his business trip. Whenever he travels, Mr. Khalifa then started to bring artistic pieces. A heavy termites infestation caused heavy damage to the glass arts which almost made the duo to stop their art and thought of selling the house, but with their resolve and enthusiasm they found a way out for the termites and continued their artistic works. From the outside, the House of Mirrors in fact stands out among the surrounding buildings. The facility is a white brick building with an amazing array of mirrors, depicting butterflies, stars, planets, palms and even calligraphy. The glittering inside of the building makes the brightly decorated outside pale in comparison and every space inside of the house is bedecked in mirrors. Walls, Floorboards, all the rooms and even pieces of furniture’s are decorated with mirrors in all possible colors and shapes. The attached art galleries in the first floor which has collected pieces of both artists can also be visited. The tools of Mrs. Lidia Al Qattan are just four items, a filer, a table spoon and two different types of knifes to cut the glasses, which she later bought from Al Bassam Mirror factory in Shuwaikh. The mirrors are fixed onto the wall using White cement, White adhesive and water. The design and theme takes shape only after working on it. To avoid being hurt, each cut piece of mirror is filed. *Things to Remember: - The cost of the tour is 3.000 KD on weekends and 2.000 KD per person on weekdays. (tours by appointments only) - Address: House 17, Street 94, Block 9, Qadisiya, Kuwait - Telephone: +965 2251 8522 -There is a gallery of Mrs. Lidia art on sale, and those who are impressed by her work are free to make a purchase, towards the end of the tour. - Email: mirrorhouseq8@gmail.com - WhatsApp : 0096566700692 Website: www.mirrorhouseq8.com
KidZania is a safe and interactive edutainment center where children can experience over 100 role playing activities in a replica of a real city. The various playful activities of KidZania are specifically designed to aid physical and intellectual growth, and contribute to the development of skills and attitudes. A significant characteristic of the KidZania concept is its ability to entertain children within an educational context that replicates the complexities of real life and instills participants with important virtues such as honesty, selflessness and generosity. Edutainment (education + entertainment) refers to the educational potential of fun in KidZania. While children enjoy the KidZania experience, accompanying parents can choose to observe from outside the establishments, or go to The Parents Lounge. Located on the top floor, the lounge provides a quiet reading area, computers with free Wi-Fi Internet, a cinema screening room, and a coffee shop. Parents can also take a free tour around KidZania with our City Tour Guide where they can learn about the story, facts, and landmarks of the city. Kids can make birthday parties there, school trips can be booked and for sure private events. - Location: The Avenues Mall – Level one - Tickets prices: Visitors pay a single price at the door. This price includes admission to all establishments within KidZania. An average visit lasts 5 hours. Some activities (like the Pizza Shop) include food. • Infants under 2 years - Free • Children 2 to 3 years - KD8 • Children 4 to 14 years – KD12 • Adults - KD8 • Visitors with disabilities – KD6 The ticket price includes: • Access to all park facilities (excluding points of sale eg. National Store, food and beverage outlets) • A check of 50 kidZos for each child (excluding infants) • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Security bracelet for each group member. - Operating Hours: Sunday to Wednesday from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM Thursdays 09:00 AM to 11:00 PM Fridays, Saturdays and Public Holidays from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM - Website: http://kuwait.kidzania.com/en-us/ - For more info: (+965) 222 83 180
Ice Skating Rink
This is another example of a major landmark for a great sports facility and the first of its kind in the Gulf region and the Middle East. It is located as part of the Green Fence area in Kuwait City and was established in March 1980 and covers an area of 8,398 m². The Rink includes: An Olympic-size rink which is 1,800 m² of ice and an arena that accommodates up to 1,600 viewers that does not include an addition of a VIP balcony. A shoe-changing area, a skating equipment store, a first aid facility and a cafeteria that serve light snacks, pastries and a wide variety of drinks. A smaller rink 800 m² in size with a 600 seating arena, and a cafeteria. In 1981, the national Ice hockey team ‘Kuwait Falcons ’ was established.Special. Activities: Invitations to foreign teams to perform in Kuwait. Artistic festivals (Musical), e.g. Hala February Festival. Kids shows and festivals. The rink is used for groups (ministries, organizations, establishments, etc.) every Sunday of the week for special group rates. - Working hours: 08:00 AM – 10:00 PM - For more information call: 22411151-22411152
Swimming Pool Complex
In April of 1988, Touristic Enterprises Company opened the Swimming Pools Complex. It is located on the Arabian Gulf Road and covers an area of 9.635 m². The Swimming Pools Complex includes: - An Olympic–size pool that is 25 m x 12 m, with a depth ranging from 80 cm to 2.25 m and is designated for men only. - An indoor diving pool that holds four ladders which are 5 m high and two ladders that are 1 m high. This pool is 4 m in depth and is designated for men and diving purposes only. - The family section has a swimming pool for beginners with a depth ranging from 30 cm to 1.5 m. in addition, to two other pools that are fully equipped with water games. - The Swimming Pools Complex offers training courses for ages 6 and above, which are surprised by specialized trainers. - A light snack cafeteria is available for all visitors. - The annual Young Swimmer Championship. Special events: - The swimming pool complex provide various activities and events and holds annual young swimming championship, and other swimming contests. - Ticket: (1/-KD) per person Locker: (0.250) Fils Training Session: 20.000/ KD Requirements: Medical Form (Downloadable) Civil ID Card Copy+ 2 Photographs (3*2) For more information, call: 25622600
Khiran Resort
Khiran Resort is a famous facility located in Khiran District near the borders of Saudi Arabia about 110Kms away from Kuwait City. It is one of the companies under the umbrella of Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC) conglomerate inaugurated on 23rd February 1987. The facility was re-opened after the invasion on 1st January 1993 and has been with constant developments and projects aiming to have complete facilities within the resort It occupies a prime seafront location covering a sprawling area of about 831,900sq. meters and is the ideal place for Kuwaitis and expatriates alike for an utterly relaxing “Get-Away” from the stressful daily life. Beautifully landscaped lawns in a neat and clean environment, with wide roads, ample parking areas, clean and well maintained Beach areas are all part of the Khiran Resort experience. Khiran Resort Covers All possibilities and has something for everyone offering a wide range of facilities and services available within your reach: 236 completely furnished Chalets all located by the beach areas which include the 40 luxurious Villas, 148 Deluxe Chalets and 48 Studios to suit your family requirements all with balconies an designated parking slots right in front of each chalet & villa, Variety of Restaurants such as Al Baraha Coffee Shop, open –area Al Baraha Restaurant and cafeterias in Swimming Pool and Beach Areas. Al Baraha Restaurant also caters to open areas parties such as barbecue parties. Al Dazza Hall for social events, family gatherings, company trainings, seminars, meetings and parties. Swimming pools: Rawdatien Pool (Fresh Water) and Kubbar Pool (Salt Water). Marina Yacht Club offering Land Parking and Berths for all sizes of boats and offers sea cruise rentals. Wide range of sports facilities such as Tennis Courts, Volleyball Courts, Basketball Courts, and football field. Game Center that houses the video games and arcades, billiards, snooker hall, bowling lanes and fast food restaurant. Kids’ Club for children’s safe play area and creative activities. Health Club-Salon & Spa offering complete of services for total relaxation for both ladies and gentlemen. Other facilities are also inside the resort such as: Mini Supermarket, 3 Mosques, Clinic, laundry Services, Marina mini-store for marine and yachting equipment and accessories, Cycle rental shop and Horse and Carriage rental. A train and a bus going around the resort the whole day for site seeing and transportation. Free Wireless Internet Connection anywhere inside. - For more information, call: 23951122 - Website: www.khiranresort.com
Messila Beach
Located near the Fahaheel Highway, Messila Beach was opened in August of 1986 and covers an area of 73,000 m² and is considered one of the biggest sea and most beautiful shores in Kuwait. The Beach has a number of facilities include : • Three large pools. • One Large pool with various water levels. • Pool for kids. • Several gardens, green space, walkways, and a barbecue area and water games for kids, • The main restaurant offers snacks, ice cream and bistro. • Experienced lifeguards to watch the seashore and the swimming pools. • The beach is open for ladies only on definite days of the week all year long. - Every week (Saturday, Monday, Thursday) Messilah Beach open only for ladies from 08:00 AM until 09:00 PM - For more information, call: 25650642
Tareq Rajab Museum
The Tareq Rajab Museum houses a collection of over thirty thousand items collected over the last fifty years, of which approximately ten thousand are on permanent display. The Museum is divided into two parts: in Area A, calligraphy, manuscripts, miniatures, ceramics, metalwork, glass, jade-, wood- and stone-carvings are exhibited. Area B contains objects which were produced in the Islamic world during the last ca. 250 years, i.e. costumes, textiles, jewellery and musical instruments. The Museum was opened to the public in 1980. In 2001, Tareq Rajab Museum opened Dar El Cid Exhibition Halls which is close to the Museum‘s main building. Its aim was to promote art and culture by the way of lectures and exhibitions. The galleries have been a huge success over these past five years and have not only housed our own additional material that we are unable to display in the main Museum such as the Indian Miniatures, David Roberts Lithographs of Egypt, Nubia and the Holy Land, as well as cultural Exhibitions such as The Carved Wooden Doors of Kuwait, the Gulf and Yemen and Glimpses of the Marsh Arabs, and many other visiting exhibitions from outside. The Museum has two other major exhibitions abroad. Some three hundred objects, each with beautifully rendered inscriptions, were loaned to the newly built Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore in 1997. A catalogue under the title of Harmony of Letters was published for the occasion.. The second exhibition was opened in the Helikon Castle Museum, Keszthely, at Lake Balaton in Hungary, under the title of The World of Islam. The Arts of the Islamic World in the 18th – 20th centuries, which was opened in 2002. The museum is in Jabriya, near the intersection of the Fifth Ring Motorway and the Abdulaziz Bin Abdilrahman Al Saud Expressway (also known as the Fahaheel Expressway). There is no sign on the building, but it is easily identified by its entrance – a carved wooden doorway flanked by two smaller doors on each side. All four of the door panels are worked in gilt metal. - Timing: 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM then 04:00 PM – 07:00 PM / On Fridays: 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM During the holy month of Ramadan open on weekdays: 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM then 07:00 PM - 10:00 PM - Fees: Entry is KD2 / Adult. Children and students are free. For groups and school visits it is advisable to phone in advance. - Phone numbers: Curator +965 25317369 / Guardian +965 25317358 / Book desk +965 25339063 - Fax : 2533-9063 - Location: Jabria, Block 12, street 5 - Website: http://www.trmkt.com
Kuwait House of National Works Museum
This museum is also being referred to as The war museum, Memorial Museum, gulf war Museum, etc. As the Kuwait House for National Works museum houses the terror of the crimes committed by the Iraqi regime during the invasion in 1990, it’s also called as Saddam Museum. Visitors are welcomed by a couple of anti-aircraft weapons (or some kind of surface to air missiles) parked at the entrance with a signboard. Inside the museum Also known as the Memorial Museum, it scripts the dark period in the history of the Arab world and for Kuwaitis particularly. On 1990, 2nd of August, Iraq invaded Kuwait and Gulf War was started by coalition forces from 34 nations led by the United States. The great majority of the Coalition's military forces were from the U.S., with the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt as leading contributors, in that order. The museum displays the account the events that led to the start of the First Gulf war, the Iraqi annexation of Kuwait and the country’s subsequent liberation. The museum is divided into ten sections. The tour of the Kuwait House for National Works Museum begins in Reception hall where visitors are welcomed into the museum with an audio visual session on the origin of the state of Kuwait and its early history. The hall is decorated with a giant map of Kuwait made up of colored glass and also contains portraits of all the country's rulers. From the Reception Hall, visitors continue to the Kuwait Heritage Hall where they will be able to gain a peek into the country’s past through miniatures of historic buildings and voice recordings. Visitors can follow the light trail till it comes to the Invasion Tunnel and then all hell breaks loose. The Invasion Tunnel narrates the saga of the Iraqi invasion and annexation of Kuwait in 1990, all the way to the country's freedom in 1991. To make the narrative come to life for the visitors, the demonstration uses a combination of light and sound effects. There's radio chatter and machine-gun firing fills the hall with explosion sounds every second makes it more interesting. The museum also houses a variety of artifacts from the remnants of the war, including Artillery & Mortars, uniforms and mines. There's also a section dedicated to the Allied and NATO Forces who participated in the war and each country has its own wall with the names of the chief officers and photographs of the troops. There are editorials and articles that show the anticipated use of Iraqi chemical weapons against Kuwait and Syria. Letters of congratulation, Official communications, military documents and wartime memos and are also featured in this section. The final section is the Hall of Martyrs and POW’s, which is a mark of homage to the martyrs and tribute to the POWs still missing in Iraq. Few of the photographs may not be appropriate for younger audiences since they’re of men cruelly tortured, disfigured and killed by the Iraqi army. The museum also includes a cinema, which can house around a hundred people; the Photo Exhibit Hall and the Hall of Peace. The Kuwait memorial Museum is not just a repository of the past but a beacon of faith showing that tyranny and oppression cannot triumph. The aide memoire is not just for younger generations of Kuwaitis but for all citizens who are willing to give their voice against dictatorship from around the world, making the museum one of the most remarkable attractions in the country. *Note That: • The museum is always open for school group tours and curious tourists who want to know more about the war of Kuwait against Iraq. • Entrance: 1.000 KD per person • The war photos are shocking and the Images that are never seen in the papers or any other media are displayed in the museum. - Location: North Shweikh, Block 7, 71st St, Villa No. 32, beside the Popular Theatre - Visiting Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 08:30 AM – 01:00 PM then 04:30 PM to 08:30 PM/ Saturday 04:30 PM – 08:30 PM - Tel: +965 24846336 / 24845335 - Fax: +965 24834949
Al Shaheed park
Al Shaheed park, located on the periphery of Kuwait City, narrates the story of a land, its history and culture. The park consists of 200,000 m2 of greenery, featuring beautiful botanical gardens, two museums - Thekra & the Habitat, a visitor center, a lake, walkways and jogging tracks, making it the largest urban park in Kuwait. Al Shaheed Park is a project developed by Al Diwan Al Amiri and managed by LOYAC (Lothan Youth Achievement Center). It is a precedent of its kind that Al Diwan Al Amiri - seen as one of the symbols of the State of Kuwait's sovereignty and in which serves as the headquarters and the permanent centre of the country's rulers takes initiation into reclaiming the former Green Belt - a series of gardens built between the old city of Kuwait and its expansion. This is further complimented with a strategic vision from Al Diwan al Amiri in handing over the management of the property to the Kuwaiti youth to help cultivate and nurture the arts, history and culture through a yearlong calendar of events. When it comes to the environment, Al Shaheed Park aims to promote environmental awareness and its protection. By visiting the Habitat - a museum dedicated to the environment and bird migration in Kuwait, the visitors learn more about the different ecosystems, migratory birds and the effects of pollution through interactive learning stations. In addition to the museum, a Bird Aviary was built outside of the Habitat to provide a resting area for the numerous migrating birds in Kuwait. By doing so, visitors also get a chance to view these different kinds of birds as they stop by to rest during their journey. Located on the oldest and most historical ring roads of Kuwait, Al Shaheed Park contains a wealth of history waiting to be explored The most historical elements found in the park is the Al-Shaab gate, one of the five remaining gates of the old Kuwait Wall. Named after the martyrs, the park consists of two main monuments: The Martyr Monument - a seven-meter-high glass sculpture built to honor the martyrs of Kuwait - and the Constitution Monument that celebrates the Golden Jubilee of the Kuwaiti constitution. At Thekra, Al Shaheed Park’s memorial museum, visitors are provided with more knowledge on the history of Kuwait, its past battles and the Gulf War. In order to preserve the country’s historical and cultural values, the museum aims to collaborate with the public by offering them dedicated booths where visitors can share their past personal experiences to pass it on to the next generation. With the vision of becoming the leading cultural platform in the country, Al-Shaheed park grants the public with a calendar of educational and cultural programs as well outdoor and indoor spaces that can be utilised for various events and activities. Such spaces include the amphitheater, the different open grass areas around the park as well as the visitor center’s multipurpose hall. The park also features beautiful outdoor sculptures created by local artists, along with cafes and restaurants and an underground parking. - Location: Al Shaheed Park Kuwait City, Soor Street, Opposite Al Tijaria Tower - For general queries: Tel.: +965 - 22461267 info@alshaheedpark.com
Aqua Park
Unveiled in 1995, Aqua Park is the first water park in the Gulf and among the biggest in the region. Located on the Arab Gulf Street, adjacent to Kuwait Towers, the huge aquatic city, Aqua Park spreads over an area of 60,000 square meters. The Aqua Park is a true entertainment for families, as it offers several water and fun games, swimming pool areas for adults and kids, scuba diving, volleyball courts, and other amenities including separate Mosques for men and women, and separate changing rooms for men and women, food courts and more. Among the entertainments offered by the park, those worth mentioning are Kiddy Pool Area, a swimming pool for young toddlers with octopus’s slide and floating toadstools. Only children below 8years of age are permitted to the pool. In the Middle Area, of the pool, you could just pull out a tube and float around in the river. This is inclusive of lazy river, and Waves Pool. The Adventures Area offers 14 rides on the whole, targeting all age groups. The other attractions at Aqua Park include Alooha Lagoon, the large family swimming pool, The Park Beach, Speed Zone (for Go-Kart racing), beach football, soap football, beach volleyball courts and paint ball. - For the big kids: Whether the guests are 13 or 31, the park seems to have lots of stuff for the bigger kids. Adrenalin junkies will love the Alooha lagoon which has several attractions including Jacuzzi, waterfalls and juice bars but those on more adventurous mission can't go away without trying double back lash and the boomerango – a 20 meter high slide which is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Those who are more inclined to splash around can grab a tube and float around the lazy river or manage the white horses in the wave pool. - For the kiddies: The pirate themed play area and swimming pool for tiny tots with a floating toadstools to play on and an octopus slide, is perfect for tots who are trying to gain confidence in the water. There's a café offering a nice selection of ice creams so that guests can lure their kiddies out of the water with the promise of a frozen chocolate treat. - Kiddy Pool Area: Children below 8 years of age are permitted to this pool. Pool depth maximum 0-50cm. - Restaurants: Moca summer restaurants: Fast foods /Aloha restaurant: sandwiches and barbecue / Baskin robbins: ice creams/ El Jaber grind: nuts of all varieties - Things to remember: • Tuesdays are now dedicated to women only at Aqua Park. • There are separate mosques for gents and ladies. • Separate changing rooms are available. All swimmers should be properly attired in swim suits; bikini is not allowed. • Everything inside the park is little expensive so go at least with the water bottles. • Try to avoid the weekends since the park gets very crowded. • Always check their website or facebook page for updates and promotions. - Contact: Tel: 22431960/1/3 - www.aquaparkkuwait.com - Timings: The Park is open from April to October (in summer), except for the Go-Kart Track and Paint Ball game, which is open all year through. The park is open daily from – 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Fridays are reserved exclusively for families, while Tuesdays are for women only.
Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Cultural Center
The building design is inspired by Islamic architecture with complex geometric shapes that create a richly textured outer skin, creating dramatic public spaces inside and out. Inside, luxurious, world class buildings exude character, drama and a heightened sense of expectation. The wonders continue inside each building and visitors will find jewels within jewels as they explore the beautifully designed interiors. The Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre will showcase performing arts and create a world class theatre quarter in a spacious parkland setting. Together with Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, it will form Kuwait’s new national cultural district. The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre is a multidisciplinary public space owned by the Amiri Diwan striving to entertain, educate and inspire the people of Kuwait. It will offer a range of events - in music, theatre, film, workshops and spoken word - for every generation and sector of society. JACC provides a space for dialogue to share and showcase skills and knowledge, giving younger voices a forum in which to speak. The cultural centre is a platform for educational and cultural exchange; moreover, it functions as an influential entertainment and culture powerhouse and productive space for the region. Kuwait’s cultural identity has always been rooted in a modern, avant-garde and experimental tradition. We wish to return to this identity at JACC and establish ourselves as the model space for all cultural events and activities, on national, regional and international levels. The Vision - To assist in exploring Kuwait’s past, cultivating its present and imagining potential futures. - To become a leading social and creative hub for Kuwait and the region. The Mission To provide a platform and forum for young Kuwaiti creatives. To provide educational opportunities through conferences, workshops and symposiums. To provide a world-class platform for international and local musical, cinematic, theatrical and operatic performances. - website: http://www.jacc-kw.com/
Nestled in the heart of Salmiya, the vibrant area southeast of Kuwait City, with rich demographic diversity, Boulevard is an emerging oasis in the middle of the city, a fabulous world full of real facilities! Once a large desolated plot of land, the area is now one of the most wonderful green places to visit in the State of Kuwait, benefiting from excellent road access on all sides principally from the Fifth Ring Road and Arabian Gulf Street. Today, Boulevard is the largest touristic hub in the country, including more than 353 thousand square meters of fabulous year-round family fun, and offering a splendid range of cultural and recreational events and activities and a constant source of wonderful delights. Boulevard is home of a heritage village, a large beautiful lake, water features, and a botanical garden. It also boasts the first shopping and entertainment destination, a first-class restaurant village, a plethora of outdoor sporting areas, a lavish beauty center, a state-of-the-art health club, a vivid amusement park, an outdoor amphitheater, a multipurpose hall, in addition to four train stations and 2,250-car parking spaces, and much more. Competition winning design commissioned by Kuwait Commercial Markets Complex Company for a BOT agreement for Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources. Concept design of recreational, landscape and engineering elements by Gulf Consult. Architectural concept by the internationally renowned Dino Georgio. Brand design by Bird Flock. Boulevard is designed to be the leading family shopping, entertainment and recreational destination in the State of Kuwait, with the commitment to serve to country, the community and the environment. Boulevard is set to redefine tourism in the region, bringing an all-innovative dimension to the real estate industry, while fervently contributing in the promotion of the State of Kuwait on the world tourism map. - Boulevard Sections: 1.Commercial Areas // 2. Multi-Purpose Hall // 3. Commercial Area - 1915.52 msq 0.54% // 4. Health Club and Beauty Saloon // 5. Commercial Area - 13074,439 msq 0.87% // 6. Botanical Garden // 7. Commercial Area - 102.122 msq 0.03% // 8. Resturant Village // 9. Commercial Area - 2273.304 msq 0.64% // 10. Japanease Tea House // 11. Movable Commercial Kiosk. - For more info: Email: customer.service@boulevard.com.kw - Telephone: (+965) 25716376 - Fax: (+965) 25716309 - Location: Salmiyah - Salmiya - Block 8 - Qatar Street.
Trampo is Kuwait's newest and most active place to have fun with your friends and family all year round. Jump in our Trampoline Arena, duck and dodge in the Dodgeball Zone, flip into the Foam Pit and shoot some hoops in the Basketball Zone, all made much more fun on the world's best quality trampolines! At Clip ‘n Climb, you can choose from a multitude of different and challenging climbing elements to conquer, race your mates up the speed climbs, ascend the Stairway to Heaven or face your fears on the Leap of Faith and Drop Slide. We are located in the Murouj Complex (near Sahara Golf Course), Promenade Mall and Baroue- Marina Mall. At Trampo Extreme in Murouj, you can also tackle the overhead adventure obstacle course on the Sky Trail, nip onto the Zip Line and ride your BMX, scooter or skateboard in Kuwait's only indoor skate park. We would also be arranging food and beverages shortly for our guests. Trampo is open all year round, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even on public holidays! Most activities can be booked online, though some are reserved for onsite booking only and will be subject to availability. Casual walk in customers are very welcome but please be aware that bookings can be heavy at peak times, and hence it's advised to book online in advance. - TIMINGS: Sat - Wed :10:00 AM - 10:00 PM Thurs - Fri : 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM - There are two locations in Promenade mall Hawally and In Morouj Sahari. - Sundays for women only in Promenade Mall - To make reservation: https://www.trampo.com
Al-Shaab Sea Club
Al-Shaab Sea Club was opened in April of 1978. It is located in Al-Shaab Al-Bahri of Hawally district and covers an area of 73,500 m². - The club offers various services including: 1. An open summer swimming pool and a covered winter pool that are supervised by certified trainers and lifeguards. 2. A sandy shore well equipped for beach sports, swimming and leisure activities. 3. Volleyball, basketball and tennis courts. 4. Karate and swimming schools. 5. Cafes and restaurants. 6. Gardens with children’s swings and other entertainment facilities, promotional programs and an activities theatre which is exclusive for members only. 7. 400 yacht and boat anchorage facilities. - For more information call: 25641953 - Address: Shaab, Block 8, Arabian Gulf Street
The Yacht Club
The Yacht Club was established in February of 1988 and is located in the district of Salmiya, Gulf Road, adjacent to Al-Shaab Sea Shore Club and is 2,280 m². It is a major leading yacht and boat anchorage club in the region. - Services provided by the Yacht Club: 1. A 120,000 m² anchorage facility with a capacity of 360 boat of different sizes, each not less than 25 feet. 2. A specialized maintenance and repair workshop offering comprehensive services through three certified leading companies which is exclusive for members only. 3. Gas station. 4. Reception hall (Diwaniya) for members. 5. Games hall and conference hall. 6. Gentlemen’s prayer hall. 7. Marine Survey Center. 8. Public slipway (Al-Shaab slipway) 9. Annual boats and marine equipment exhibition. 10. Speed boats championship. - For more information, call: 25656741-25651979 - Location: Arabian Gulf Street - Block 11 - Salmiya
Ras Al Ard Sea Club
The club was Established in 1976 with an area of 19,025 m². it is located at Ras Al-Salmiya area. Various Services /Facilities including: - Two swimming pools and a diving pool that are supervised by certified trainers and lifeguards. A sandy shore well-equipped for beach sports, swimming and leisure. - Basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts. - Garden with children’s playground area, promotional programs and an activities theater exclusive for members. - Karate and swimming schools. - Café and Restaurants. - Club offering various social, sports culture and art activities. - Our customers can choose between annual family, individual membership for membership. - For more information, call: 2571908
Fahaheel Marine Club
Located in Al Fahaheel district, the club was opened in 1979 with an overall area of 61,000m2 it includes the following: 1. Several halls (Large wedding halls and a number of smaller halls for different celebrations / events) 2. Cafeteria 3. .193 Berth Marina - For more information call: 23718053
With 10 million people playing paintball last year in the United States alone, and 1.9 million who will play at least 15 times each year it’s no wonder why this American sport has reached Kuwait. Put simply it’s a ton of fun! This adrenaline fed, high intensity game of paintball gives you a chance to shoot your friends without actually causing harm. Escape your world and enjoy the thrill of divide and conquer. But being the best, has its costs. It requires you to overcome your fears and to feel the rush of commanding your own empire. Strategy is a must in this heated battle, and smart teamwork is essential for you to overcome your enemy. In short you got to cover your brother’s back if you want to be number one. Join us at paintball in Kuwait to feel the intense thrill of war and victory. Call now to book your spot. - PAINTBALL KUWAIT FACILITIES Kuwait Paintball Field which meets world standard. The Field is able to accommodate up to 200 players and maximum of 15 players in one team. The paintball field facility includes with state of the art paintball equipment, flood lit allows to play day and night, advanced Pro shops with all paintball equipment’s, friendly and qualified marshals, refreshments and snacks available on purchase, outdoor music in the cafe area etc. It also provides facilities like: 1. Target practice 2. Flood lit 3. Barbeque facility 4. Refreshments and snack available for purchase 5. General timings 3 p.m. to 11:30pm , however flexible timing can be accommodated upon prior request 6. TV lounge with Paintball DVD 7. Changing Rooms (men/women) - There are different prices and packages: Birthday package, special offers, corporate package, basic package, membership. - For online booking: http://www.paintball-kuwait.com/book-online.aspx - Location: Paintball Kuwait, Next to Kuwait Tower, Aqua Park, Kuwait City, - Numbers: +965 22431101// +965 97855551
The Sea Front
The Sea Front is a great touristic development. It surrounds the coastline facing Al-Shaab Sea Shore district and stretches approximately 9 km all the way to Bunaid Al-Ghar Al-Bahri. The project consists of the Kuwait Towers, the Green Island and the Swimming Pools Complex. The Sea Front covers a huge green space hosting various entertainment facilities, water sports, sea shores, and private yacht and boat marinas. In addition to fine dining restaurant, there are many luxurious and casual cafes and a long chain of fast food restaurants. - For more information call: 25622600
Al Muhallab Mall
Perhaps the most renowned shopping centre in Kuwait, Al Mohalab Mall is an attractive mall with shape is almost similar to the TITANIC. This stylish mall is situated in Muthana Street, hawally area which is behind Hawally Park. On one side of the mall is the College of Business Studies (Women) and on the other side is the International Media Academy. It has five floors of which the first to fourth floor has shops of many international brands, offers a wide range of boutiques, exclusive specialty stores and designer boutiques and restaurants. Al Mohalab bills itself as a health-oriented mall, with a family health centre, Nutrition and Diet Centre; A Facial Centre; Lavender Massage Parlour; Al Fozen Dental Clinic; A Family Health Center as well as two luxury spas in the fifth floor– one for women and the other for men. The spas are particularly popular with visitors and provide the perfect respite from a day of intensive shopping. The best time for visiting this mall is during sales time as this mall will not be over crowded as we see in other malls. Al Muhalab Mall is opened from 10 am to 10 pm. The interior of the mall is fashionable and elegant. The fourth floor has a cine scape. If shopping, watching movies and gulping down lip-smacking snacks are listed in your scheme of things then mark Al Mohalab Centre as your ultimate destination. A peculiar thing is that we did not find any people of other nationality other than Arabic people which you will not find in other malls. Also, the mall has a multi-level parking facility. - Brands/ Stores: The mall hosts a wide selection of international boutiques and brands, located on both ground floor and first three floors, and offering fashion clothing, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics, other items from shoes, glasses, electronics and electrical appliances, to accessories, pharmaceuticals and many other articles. The latest international brands, luxurious boutiques and trends as well as the latest models from the finest brands arrive to the mall from all over the world. Few of the renowned international brands are Braccialani, Sony, Kiehl’s, Zoppini store, Ajmal, Faces, Bobbi brown, Austin reed, Henry Lloyd, Dorothy Perkins, Basler, Diva, Evans, Lily, Limelight, Calvin clein, Mango, Monsoon, Oasis, bodyshop2, I city, Jules, Uterque etc. - Cafes / Restaurants: Costa cafe- Coffee house Location: First floor, Contact no: 2667618 Fuddruckers- American cuisine Location: Titanic M2, Contact no: 2616000 Haagen-Dazs- Ice cream parlour Location: Hawally, Contact no: 2610937 Pizza hut Operating Hours: 11:00AM - 12:00AM next day, Contact no: 22625397 - Other Facilities • Transport desk: Available in the mall premises and at the customer service help desk. • Tourist Information: information is provided about landmarks around Kuwait to direct and guide tourists. • Emergency services: In case of emergency: (An accident as robbery or fights), instant sickness, separate team is there to help the mall visitors. • ATM machines: CBK ATM is available • Public Telephones: You can place or receive calls at the Customer service desk. • Wifi Internet: The mall is covered by Wi Fi internet very high speed. • Lost child or property assistance: the paging system is available in customer service desk and the mall gates are monitored - Other events / promotions: The mall administrators are active in hosting various festivals and Public Awareness campaigns throughout the year. Advertising activities intended to enrich and enhance the family shopping spirit in the mall.> - Location: Hawally, Muthana Street - Working hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM - Phone:0096522662020 Fax: 0096522659090
Kout Mall
Spread over 300,000 sqm in Fahaheel, Madinat Al Fahaheel is an exceptional mixed use development that incorporates a splendid mix of Islamic architecture and urban design. Its persuasive and innovative designs have already been recognized with a number of international architectural awards. Al Kout –the one of the largest malls in Kuwait, at the waterfront and Al Manshar Towers, offer residents an ample and integrated mix of business and leisure facilities of the highest international standards. With over 150 stores and restaurants, from High Street favorites to chic boutiques, this mall is a rather quiet and pleasant place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. The mall offers a unique shopping experience with more than 150 regional and international brands, which also serves the local community with traditional market facilities. The shopping center offers an electrifying mix of international, regional and local brands complemented by ample food court and cineplex for added entertainment. The mall’s many civic amenities include a 1.6 km public beach, musical dancing fountains, promenades, ample parking facilities, traditional market such as fish, meat and vegetable market, yacht club & ship repair yard. Al Kout has also become one of the most important marine centers in the country. Stretched on nearly 2 km costal line of Fahaheel area, the mall is one of the finest waterfront developments in Kuwait and this includes a charmingly designed, state of the art – plush yacht club with high-level marina facilities for over 150 boats. Family Activities Evenings are vibrant with lot of families and friends coming here to have spur-of-the-moment picnics on the lawns, children running and playing around, all in a leisurely ambiance. Extending from Alkout north beach to Alkout south beach, the mall starts with a huge parking space sprinkled with green date palms, lighted at night with decorative lights, green grass lawns, a luxury in this country and a well paved foot path, which is a delight for walkers, who enjoy outdoor activity. The North pier and South pier are connected by a covered path, also a bridge (Al Ahmad Al Sabah Bridge) across the Alkout lagoon. The lagoon is a man-made lake created, to house gorgeous orchestral fountains, which in the night are a delight to watch. Everyone, take a stop here and are forced to click a photo or two, in front of the relaxing waters and high gushing fountains. Brands / Stores The mall offers a wide range of boutiques, stores, exclusive specialty stores, designer boutiques and world-class cuisine to local cuisine. It has a branch of almost every known chain of stores in Kuwait, and also several reputed independent stores. Mall is truly an exciting and unique destination with shopping, entertainment and leisure components are synonymous with sophistications, elegance and unsurpassed style and luxury. The Mall showcases the best of international, regional and local retailers to create a delightful and special experience for visitors of all ages. The well-known outlets at the Mall are the Calvin clein, Parfois, Italiana, springfield, Nautica, Oasis, Mango, Next, Debenham’s, Arbash Diamonds, Racing Green, Steps, E1 Taher, Milano, Body Shop, Steps, Zara and more. This stylish shopping mall is so spread-out that it could take several days to explore all its stores, making it ideal for shopaholic travelers hoping to exploit Kuwait’s no-tax regime. - Some of the Restaurants in the mall: (Burger King, Mijana, Marina Thai, Paul, Subway, Zaatar) - Other Events & Festivals: Al kout mall is an active mall that hosts various festivals throughout the year. Promotional activities intended to amuse and enhance the family shopping spirit in the mall. They host variety of promotional events including health fairs, family fun nights, and community celebrations and outreach events. - Location: Fahaheel Waterfront, Fahaheel, Kuwait - Phone: 965-393-0394 Fax: +965 2530 9531 - Website: www.alkoutmall.com - Mall Hours: Sat to Fri. 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM selected food outlets 10:00 AM – 12 midnight
Eqeila Public Beach Park
This beach was opened in September 1980, it is located in Oqeilah and covers an area of 50,236 m². The beach offers a numbers of services and facilities such as: Lengthy beach full of trees, plants, flowers and walkways. Children’s playing area. Open theater that hosts creative and entertaining events. Cafeteria offering soft drinks, pastries and light snacks and a Bar B Qecue area. For more information call: 1 806 806
360 MALL
360 MALL is a truly unique shopping destination at the intersection of the King Faisal Highway and the 6th Ring Road. Strategically located in a busy and rapidly growing residential area, the retail and entertainment development provides a valuable addition to the local community as well as visitors from further afield. The circular design of the mall creates a shopping area of over 82,000 sqm, with its superb architecture that has been inspired by a modern day interpretation of the tradition of navigating by the stars and by the region’s class Arabic architectural features, the Mall provides the most engaging shopping and leisure experiences in Kuwait. A hypermarket, two department stores and fabulous leisure and entertainment arenas are just some of its major attractions. 360 MALL is truly an exciting and unique destination whose shopping, entertainment and leisure components are synonymous with sophistications, elegance and unsurpassed style and luxury. The Mall showcases the best of international, regional and local retailers to create a delightful and special experience for visitors of all ages. - Grand Entrance: "A complete experience for the shopper with taste" With a unique vision, 360 MALL has been created to simply redefine the meaning of luxury shopping in Kuwait. The Grand Entrance is the first step to a wide variety of journeys possible at 360 MALL. The transition from warm wood decking, lush landscaping and a reflecting pool at the entry bridge on to the high-tech pixilated floor tiles and walls of the Grand Entrance's is the inspirational element. The Grand Entrance includes a ground breaking giant LED screen well placed at the centre, greeting visitors with various messages of merchandise offerings, information and product displays. In this zone you will find European fashion and jewellery brands that include Cartier, Prada, GUCCI as well as Burberry. The Grand Entrance is an experience that will engage all your senses and draw them to explore the spaces beyond. The Grand Entrance is a portal to the endless possibilities at 360 MALL. - The Gardens: "360 MALL Gardens, the living wall of greenery masterpiece" The Gardens is one of many experiences at the 360 MALL, and is the only place where you can find a living wall of greenery in Kuwait. This matchless experience boasts an image of calm sanctuary visitors can enjoy. The landscape includes 21,000 lush fresh plants growing on walls, Japanese Koi, reflecting pools, cafes and seats on warm wood decks. The Gardens will re-energize one's senses through the sights, sounds, scents and textures of a beautiful, green and charming oasis. In The Gardens, visitors will enjoy the delights of leading global and Kuwaiti cafes and restaurants. Le Notre Cafe and Lorenzo will provide classic French and Italian cuisine, while b+f open flame kitchen and The Meat Co. offers cuisine in the latest restaurant designs new to Kuwait and finally Life with Cacao offers the most delectable desserts. - The Day Journey: "Elegant surroundings and exceptional shopping outlets to explore" The Day Journey presents an indoor-outdoor experience, allowing visitors to travel through the curvilinear pathway of granite and carpets. The large teak frames along the path and arched skylights with simulated clouds. The Journey is infused with a play of sun, shadows, and dappled natural light from the curving skylight as well as fabric sunshades that follow the path of the concourse. While visitors enjoy shopping through the organic light shapes created by sunshades, they can experience elegant, curvilinear wood benches ringing from each column. The multi-level retail space meanders in a curve that leads to its primary feature: a brilliantly expressive sculpture floating in the Sun Court. Visitors in the Day Journey can find exclusive jewelers such as women and men watch providers Omega and Korloff. Fashion houses such, Jimmy Choo, Emporio Armani, Donna Karen, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace and Alviero Martini to name few. - Main Atrium: "The Heart of 360 MALL" The fascinating Main Atrium is at the heart of 360 MALL and is characterized by modern interpretations of historical Arabic architecture, structures around a courtyard, teak frames, metal screens, and high walls. The comfortable Main Atrium interior invokes the spirit of a large hotel lobby, inviting family and friends to relax and enjoy their time together. The Main Atrium is a multi-level space with an organically shaped skylight that allows natural light to surround the area. The rich distinct carpets, wooden floors, the multiplicity of water elements and verdant planters that are scattered throughout the seating area seamlessly blend with the main water feature. The Main Atrium includes various shops that are arranged in a circular shape and add sparkle to the mall. Shopping at stores like Bally, Kate Spade and Trafalgar adds more value and pleasure for the visitors to experience. The Atrium is characterized by the comfortable seating arrangement that is provided by Fauchon, Posh Cafe and Cafe Meem. - The Boulevard: "Explore an array of world’s most recognized fashion brands" The Boulevard cuts through the centre of 360 MALL to the Main Atrium. The modern and contemporary Boulevard includes patterns of old-world souks framed with rhythmic wooden arch forms; a common attribute in Middle Eastern architecture. The rich teak portals, trees and various architectural elements at the shop level of The Boulevard weaves together a multi-level retail space that mirrors an image of the familiar old-world shopping experience known to the Gulf region. The Boulevard presents Haute Couture fashion such as Saint Laurent, Gucci, Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta and IWC Schaffhausen. - The Night Journey: "Elegant surroundings and exceptional shopping outlets to explore" The Night Journey’s rich, luminous, dusky colors are naturally calming and peaceful. Repetitive large scale teak gates frame the visitor’s passage underneath oculi that represent portals to the stars of the changing night sky. Sleek details such as the etched pattern of the waxing and waning moon on the handrail glass, lighting color shifts, the metal at the base of the teak gates, and the striking floor patterns create a dynamic yet pleasant mood. The lighting in the NIGHT JOURNEY is ideal for retailers such as Juicy Couture allowing the store merchandise to stand out. Joining Juicy Couture, Ted Baker and La Martina in this wing are the stores of Sacoor Brothers, Gant, Bimba and Lola, Harrys of London and Karen Millen at the first level, the iconic brands offer fashion, shoes, leather goods and accessories. The curving path of the concourse marks the end of the journey, where visitors can witness an attractive sculpture suspended in the Star Court and surrounded by stars. Visitors can experience this ambience at both levels as they shop for their favorite brands. Whether alone or with friends and family, the Night Journey encourages and invites the shopper to explore. - Location: 360 MALL – Sixth Ring Road, South Surra, Al Zahra'a Area - Tel: +965 1800 360 - Fax: +965 2530 9531 - Mail: gla.reception@gla.ae
Trapped Inn
Trapped Inn is a great test for your ability to solve problems. Experience a situation you may never encounter in real life. Each scenario exists in its own reality. You will have to find clues, solve puzzles and most importantly – work as a team in order to pass all the challenges lying between you and your goal. Prove your worthiness....and don’t forget to escape before it is too late. WHAT ARE ESCAPE GAMES ? Escape games are group oriented adventure games in which a set of participants get locked in a specific room setting and have to beat a time limit to get out. The players will solve puzzles and find clues to guide them to their escape. The concept of real escape games was taken from the video game “escape the room” in which a player gets locked inside a room and has to find his way out. The first real escape game was created back in 2006 in California, United states and since then, the game became the new entertainment phenomenon. TRAPPED INN ESCAPE GAMES Trapped Inn is a real life escape game which provides a thrilling team building experience in a mysterious hotel setting. Each room of this hotel will take you through a spectacular adventure to a world beyond your imagination. Trapped Inn Kuwait beholds the largest escape game facility in the Middle East with eight different scenarios in one place. With its great location (Symphony Mall, Salmiya ) and ease of access, Trapped Inn is not far from you to live your 60 minutes of great adrenaline rush experience. The rooms are full of puzzles and riddles that require logical thinking, communication, observation and analysis to solve. It is a great opportunity to stretch your limits, test your skills, and unleash some hidden talents you did not know you have. Our team will provide some clues to make your game experience more entertaining. It is easy to get in but what is inside is unexpected. Satisfaction is guaranteed in Trapped Inn. However, escaping is not. Book your room now and let the fun begins. - Location: Symphony Mall, Salem Al-Mubarak Street, Salmiya, Kuwait - Phone:(+965) 2577 0518 - Mob:(+965) 9914 4911 / 9998 7893 - Email: contact@trappedinn.com - Web: http://www.trappedinn.com - Timings: 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM daily
Gold Souq
Middle East is extremely famous for purchasing gold jewellery and particularly Kuwait is known for really good gold ornaments— but visitors have to haggle for it. Whether or not you're ready to buy, a stroll through the glittering gold souqs is a must. The stores also offer platinum, diamonds and occasionally silver. They say that Middle East gold is pure and free from adulteration as the governments keep tight control over the quality of all the merchandise. The gold is not really cheap here, Gold is the same price all over the world and you should check out how much it is per gram the day you go shopping. No merchant will give you gold at less than market value, but the difference is the making charge. It depends on your negotiating skills how much you will be paying for the "making charge" of the gold ornaments that you will buy. And this stands true to any part of the world... India, Dubai, Kuwait etc. The Kuwaiti gold designs are made in Indian (22K) styles and Arabic (21K) styles. You can also buy gold and silver bars. There are even some shops that specialize in replicas that are silver dipped in rhodium. Give the jewelry craftsman a picture or a piece you saw in a magazine and they can copy it within no time. High-end replicas made in solid gold are also available is souqs. Watch out before you buy anything in platinum from the gold souk as some sellers say platinum when in fact it’s a rubbish rhodium. It's better to go you're first few times with someone who is aware of the souks as you can really get ripped apart at the souks and not all the times. Souk Al-Watiya or Al-Watiya Complex It’s in the Watiya Abu Bakr Street, located beside the Sheraton Hotel and 4 Point Sheraton. The ground and first floor is full with numerous gold shops and the restaurant is in the second floor. Local Filipinos call it as Adidas Building and it is situated close to churches. This is also a good place to buy any gold or jewelry and the whole area can look like a mini India Town and Filipino Town during Friday and Sunday. Kuwaiti Gold Souq The design of this souq is similar to the Dubai gold souq. Visitors will find both 21 and 22 carat gold ornaments here. However, 21 carat gold ornaments are more here, as you will find Arabic/ Kuwaiti designs. If you want to get a feel for what old Kuwait was like, this is the place; this is a lovely atmospheric souq (traditional market) so much history mixed with new trends and especially after the new renovations they just completed. Prices for things can be haggled and you can find great values if you are smart in negotiating. It is nice to go there in the afternoon and just stroll in the narrow streets, talk to the pleasant merchants, shop for souvenirs and look for the various displays. Don't miss sitting at the local cafes and enjoy the evening. Gold souq at Hawally Area This area is mostly famous for computer-related goods and also has mostly shops with Arabic designs and few reputed brands in Tunis Street and Bin Khaldoun Street. Visitors can find 18, 21 and 22 carat gold ornaments here. Salmiya Area Souks This is located south east of Kuwait City, Salim Al-Mubarak Street is one of the biggest shopping areas of Kuwait and anything a traveler is looking for can be found here. In the Old Souk area of Salim Al-Mubarak Street, There are several jewelry, gold, and fabric stores and shops. The central Gold Souk (Souk Al-Dahab Al Markazi) This contains the government office where gold can be checked for purity and hallmark. Wide range of collections of gold available which is quite awesome and various styles of jewellery are also on display. Visitors can also have their own design custom-made but take care to ask for a certificate of authenticity. The Fahaheel Area This is a suburb about 25 miles south of Kuwait City and it has lot of gold shops. In the Fahaheel area, There are 3 main areas are available for gold shopping. Few tips about Kuwait Gold Souks • Generally Open Saturday - Thursday 9:30/10 AM - 12:30/1PM; 4:30 PM - 10:30 PM; Friday 4:30 - 10:30 PM. Timings can vary depending on the shops in the souks. • Souk Al-Mubarakiya is the largest souk in Kuwait and it has a lot of Arabic style (21K), and some Indian (22K) / Western (18K) designs. Costume jewelry is also available. To get there, from Gulf Road go straight to the Grand Mosque, turn onto Mubarak Al-Kabeer Street and then take a right at the first major intersection. Parking is much more congested and it is available closer to the gold souk. • Remember, the price of gold is set and you bargain only the making charge. Ensure to haggle down that making price because it always starts off too high and you can get taken advantage of. Don’t pay more than 1 – 2 KD per gram for the making charge. • Walk away uncomplainingly if they will not go down on the price. You can go next shop and perhaps find the same item for less bargaining the making charge. • Ensure to buy gold at the souk that is stamped by the Kuwait Ministry. Moreover, you should be given a receipt with your name and Civil ID or Passport details on it. The receipt should show all the purchase details: item description, weight, total cost (with making charge) and cost per gram. • Generally Open Saturday - Thursday 9:30/10 AM - 12:30/1PM; 4:30 PM - 10:30 PM; Friday 4:30 - 10:30 PM. Timings can vary depending on the shops in the souks.
Kuwait Magic Mall
Located in Abu Haleefa, Kuwait magic mall is a state-of-the-art retail mall in Kuwait, next to one of the best sandy coasts in Kuwait, 25km south of Kuwait City and in proximity to Fahaheel. This shopping mall was opened in April 2000, and covers 2298 square meters in area and the owner of this famous mall is Adnan Al-Saleh trading group. The mall is also well equipped with restaurants, shopping boutiques, bars and a food court. This mall also has a gaming zone and entertainment areas to provide fun for the entire family. The shopping mall is easily accessible as it has lot of access to main areas in the city. Similar to large Arabian majlis, the magnificent shopping mall rise out of the sea and this mall shows certain architectural excellence with its construction structure. Kuwait magic mall is really a magical mall in Kuwait. This is one of the best malls for shopping, amusement, dining and games. This retail mall is well known for artistic beauty in Kuwait and also it is one of the cheapest as well as best malls in Kuwait which is specially designed for locals in Kuwait for shopping. Apart from the shopping boutiques, the mall has a wide-ranging amusement Centre with electronic games and funfair rides for the energetic kids. The big play area in the first floor attracts lots of visitors. Tokens for the rides and games should be purchased from the respective counters and rewards are likely to be in tickets that can be swapped for gifts. It is a fairly large play zone with lots of rides that you’d normally see in any amusement park, swinging pirate ship, merry-go-round horses, spinning tea cups, bumper cars, train, etc. A large food court and coffee shop is next to the play area so the visitors won’t go starved, and there is an outdoor terrace for the parents to wait when the games get too much noisy. Another notable feature is that there is one whole floor decorated like an Egyptian tomb, with hieroglyphics and replica stone pillars. There is a lovely fountain on one side of the elevators and the other side had a forest setting, with plants, rocks, a trickling creek and little wooden bridge, overseen by a fake mashrabiya window. The ceiling in another wing is painted in deep sky blue background with surrounding white clouds. Designer stores and popular outlets inside the mall attract more visitors to the Magic mall. Shopping at Magic mall brings about a complete experience to a mall where you can not only shop and eat at some of the finest brands and restaurants, but you could also catch with friends and loved ones, entertain your kids at the Entertainment Hall. - Contact Details: Al-Saheleel Street, Abu Halifa - Phone: +965 23710866 - Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM